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Pickering Towns

A hallmark of sophistication and architectural finesse, Galaxy's Pickering townhouses offer a luxurious retreat, where you can indulge in both comfort and style. Featuring spacious bedrooms, exquisite kitchen counters, hardwood flooring, 9-foot painted ceilings and a deck, these homes reflect the creativity and passion of the builders. If you have a penchant for modern housing, Pickering townhouses are bound to fascinate your senses.

Featuring classic architectural designs and ultramodern customized interior design, the Pickering townhouses are guaranteed to take your breath away. While the unique design and style adds a touch of elegance, the true appeal of these houses lie in the convenience of the location and the amenities offered. Located at 1565 Greenmount St. Pickering, Ontario, the 4-bedroom houses provide the right mix of opulence and convenience. This is a high-end community that's home to Pine Ridge secondary school, Valley Farm Ravine, Major OAKS Parks and Ontario 401 Express.

As a potential home owner, you will be treated to various privileges including spacious rooms, ample car parking spaces, patios, and other amenities. Moreover, these houses are located at a walking distance from town centers. At Pickering townhouses, you can be assured of serenity, security and the right ambience.

It is important to consider the rates in proportion to the privileges likely to be enjoyed. Most realtors will explain why certain quotes are justified. State your reasons for choosing articular houses and they will be more than happy to hook you up with one.


Measuring 1860 Square feet, Pickering townhomes offer you the privilege of enjoying ample spaces, while spending quality time with your family.
Each house has a master bedroom located on the top floor, with a private tub and a balcony.
The houses have been designed to accommodate the needs of a growing family. The generously sized dining areas graced with air conditioners, and huge windows, provide well-lighted warm and welcoming spaces, while the solid wood kitchens with granite counter tops are sure to inspire your inner chef.
The open floor plan features a double door entrance with hardwood flooring. The 5 1/4- foot baseboard and 9-foot ceiling provides adequate protection from external temperature variations.
Enjoy the splendor of spacious living rooms in these homes. which are designed to optimize lighting in all areas. These impressive and generously created residences are endowed with unique natural views.


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