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Galaxy Care


Galaxy Care is our continuing commitment to your safety and well being that surpasses your expectations. Our care goes beyond norms to safeguard your interests even after you move into your new home. During the construction phase, we strive to make your dreams our own, and transform your vision into the finest homes, that stun in design and comfort. However, Galaxy’s commitment to you does not end with the purchase of a home. It is only the beginning of a relationship that lasts a lifetime.
Once you move in to your new home, we will continue to offer our services through helpful tips and practical measures to ensure a safe and healthy living environment. Guidance on basic maintenance activities for the house, safety tips, and precautionary measures for extreme climates, are just a few of the things we offer assistance with. We assure you that we will take you through it all, when life gets too busy. We care because we believe our communities are our partners for life.

Galaxy Blogs

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Pickering Towns Open House Event

Galaxy builders, has specific goals, a warm, modern and luxurious home. When designing such homes, they probably had entertainment spots, spacious rooms, ample car ...

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